Client : Indus Gene | Location : Bagapalli

This global Genetic Pharma manufacturer has a factory at Bagepalli 80km from Bangalore on a 100 Acre property. We designed various special lights for their specific requirement.

Square Double Arm Poles with Integrated Lights: The lights were installed on the far side of each of the two-lane roads separated by a narrow landscape area. One Arm of the pole lit the 7m wide road and the other arm lit the landscape and sidewalk. The poles were specially designed and processed with hot-dip galvanization for durability and environmental protection. The challenges of corporate color painting with a smooth finish on a galvanized pole were very challenging.

Facade and Focus Lights: Special lights with a mounting mechanism were used to highlight the entrance area of the main building from a height of 50 feet. IP66 protected 90W focus lights with a beam angle of 60 degrees produced a workable lux of 100 in the area.

Mirror Lights: All mirrors were let from three sides by using aluminium profiles, linear led strips, and drivers.


Our LED Lighting Solutions are installed across different verticals such as Sports Stadiums, Educational Institutions, Manufacturing Industries, Shopping Complex, Large Apartments, etc.,

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