Warehouse Lighting-Comprehensive Overview

Warehouse needs custom lighting solutions based on the their functional aspect. In this article let us see the advantages of LED lighting for warehouse.



10/8/2021 4 min read

Warehouse Lighting

While choosing a lighting for warehouse various factors have to be a consideration. Facts such as (i) how many people are going to work there, (ii) the task which is going to be carried out (iii) temperature of the working atmosphere (iv) other external factors such as humidity, any pollution, etc.,

Conventional lighting such as Sodium Vapor lamps, incandescent lamps, halogen lamps doesn't offer a complete solution to the needs of warehouse lighting. All these have their limitations such as short life span time, harmful chemical radiations, excessive heat, etc.,

Arrival of LED

The arrival of LED lighting to be the one-stop solution for the warehouse lighting problems. All the problems associated with conventional lighting. LED lighting offers advantages such as [i] Cost-Saving [ii] Energy Efficiency [iii] High Productivity among employees [iv] No Chemical or Harmful Radiation [v] Low maintenance cost etc.,

Warehouse Lighting
Energy Saving

By switching over to LED lighting over 80% of your energy bill can be saved. Because of the facts that such as High energy efficiency and low maintenance cost gives long-time benefit for your RoI. Moreover LED lighting is sustainable and they are green energy as LED can be recyclable.

Switch to LED lighting can save the earth too.

Maintenance Cost

LED lighting needs low maintenance, most of the LED parts gives long life and mostly they are easily replaceable. This gives better RoI for the investment in lighting.

Increased Productivity

Productivity among the employees can be increased by switching to LED lighting as it offers no chemical or radiation-free lighting. Since there is no glare and flickers heat due to light is almost reduced thus the productivity increase in productivity. This is the most significant advantage of LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights consume less energy to give light, whereas conventional lights use more energy to produce light.

Surge Protection

LED lighting comes with surge protector circuits so that heavy ups and downs in voltage can be withstand

Classification of LED lighting for Warehouse | Industries

Based on the height of the ceiling in the warehouse three kinds of lighting such as High Bay Lighting, Mid Bay Lighting, Low Bay Lighting are used in warehouse.

High Bay Light

[i] These are specially designed for tall ceilings and larger areas

[ii] Consider these type of lights if your ceiling height is above 20 to 50 feet

[iii] Spacing between each light is also important as it gives a uniform brightness over a large area

[iv] If the area is large then wider beam angle can be used so that light spreads uniformly providing visual comfort to the employees

Mid Bay Light

[i] These are specifically designed where ceiling height is 16-32 feet

[ii] Used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, assembly lines, athletic facilities, bus terminals etc

Low Bay Light

[i] Used in places where there is lower ceiling or roof

[ii] These low bay lights have diffusers and larger optic lens thus eliminating unwanted reflections and the light energy is spread out

[iii] Low bay lights are mounted in pendants


[i] Supermarkets, Conventional Centers Large retail house - Aisle areas

[ii] In Hospitals, Lounge areas

[iii] Food processing facilities, Restaurants

[iv] Assembling units - where concentration of employees is most vital, these low bay lighting ensures proper lighting, so that production quality is not compromised.

Dynamic Control

LED Lightings can be dynamically controlled such as distribution, color and light can be dimmed.

More controls such as sensor-based activation, remotely controlled operations are possible, this ensures long life and effective utilization of lighting resources.

Our product line for Warehouse & Industries - High Bay Lighting
High CRI

All our warehouse/Industrial lights come up with a higher CRI which means you get a very good output, improved safety. Higher CRI ensures the true color of the object, this will be helpful in assembling units.


All our warehouse/Industrial lights come up with 2 Year Limited Warranty.

Uniform Distribution

Generally LED Lightings gives a uniform distribution of lights. With vast experience in mechanical, thermal, and optical engineering our LED lightings are designed in a way to render a uniform illumination of light.

Operating Temperature

Our Warehouse/Industries LED lights will work from -20 degree to 60 degree celsius

Improved Safety

LED lighting gives you more safety than the conventional ones, which ensures that employees can work without any fear. There is no fire hazard with LED lighting.

High Lumens

Our industries/Warehouse lights come up with high lumens meaning you can get a brilliant brightness with less wattage.


Light Angle can be customized specifically based on the study. 30, 60, 90 Degree can be achieved, based on the task which is going to be performed these can be determined.


Industrial/Warehouse LED lightings are more efficient and are long-lasting than conventional ones. Switch to LED lighting today not only to save your energy bill, but it will also improve your business productivity the end result is a huge advantage to the business owners. At Aaron Lights, we can customize your lighting needs to any kind, We are capable of supplying in different Watts, shapes, colors, bringing an aesthetic twist to your lighting fixtures. Based on the Lux needed and the task that is going to be carried out are studied detailly and we give you the solution based on the findings of the study.

Switching to LED lights gives your business total transformation-improved lighting gives a marginal increase in productivity, reduced number of errors, more satisfied customers with your end product plus energy savings. Consult us for your LED lighting solutions.


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