LED Street Lights in India-a paradigm shift

Sodium vapor lamps and mercury vapor lamps occupied the center stage in street lighting until 2000. But last few years one can witness a huge change. Slowly all these conventional lamps were replaced with LED now



10/11/2021 3 min read

Street Lighting

Sodium vapor lamps, Halogen lamps were widely used for street lights, pathway lighting, and any other public place lighting. Even though these lamps give bright light there are some drawbacks too, [1] they didn't turn up instantly, this kind of lamps required heat energy, after heating only they emit light energy.

[ii] these lamps consume a lot of energy to give the output, [iii] due to low CRI objects look in different colors causing a lot of inconvenience to the road users [iv] energy bill also went up, local bodies such as panchayat unable to bear this huge expenditure.

The arrival of LED lights

Then came the LED lights, undoubtedly LED lights revolutionized the outdoor lighting. These LED lights give instant light energy, they are energy efficient, [iii] Long lasting [iv] have a high CRI - gives the true color of the object [v] since there is no heat glare is completely reduced providing a visual comfort to the road users.

LED lights have numerous advantages over their conventional counterparts. While conventional fluorescent lamps are affected by changes in temperature changes LED lights to render the same amount of light energy irrespective of the temperature changes.

Long life

LED lamps lasts for longer duration, they have the lifespan of around 10-15 years, this makes LED lighting as economically viable solution

Cost factor

Even though the initial cost of LED lamps are appear to costlier than their conventional counterparts this initial cost can be recovered within one or two years. Since LED lamps doesn't need any replacements cost can be recovered fastly, whereas in conventional lighting occasionally these lamps need an replacements which makes them an costly affair to maintain in the long run.

Other benefits

There are other benefits of LED street lights such as [I] no light pollution [ii] depreciation of lumens is also very low [iii] no chemical hazards [iv] better illumination thus increasing the safety of road users.

Maintenance Cost

LED lighting needs low maintenance, most of the LED parts give long life and mostly they are easily replaceable. This gives better RoI for the investment in lighting.

Surge Protection

LED lighting comes with surge protector circuits so that heavy ups and downs in voltage can be withstand

IP 65 Rating

Ingress protection or simply called IP rating, at Aaron Lights, we make sure that all our outdoor lightings are either rated for IP65 or IIP66, which means that they are effectively protected against water and dust pollution

Government of India initiative

Recently the government of India a revolutionary initiative to replace all the conventional street lights with LED Street lights to save Carbon emissions, to save the energy bill, to provide better and viable, safe lighting for road users.

EESL- Energy Efficiency Services Limited was established entrusting to frame a standard and procedures for better lighting solution and they had already started their work by replacing conventional lighting. This initiative will help India to reduce its energy demand and also it will help in the reduction of carbon emission.

SLNP-Street Light National Program

As of 11th October 2021 12,242,970 LED street lights were installed across India, States such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh are leading states that are massively replaced conventional lights with LED lamps.

So far 8223 MU of energy saved per year and 5.66 million tons of CO2 had been reduced in carbon emission achieved.

Data Courtesy: EESL Website

Smart Lighting

With the introduction of smart controls such as dimming options, sensor-based controls, timing control features LED lamps are here to stay and they are the solution of the future.

Dimming options help to reduce the amount of light based on the specific needs and timer control helps to switch on a particular time and switch off at a particular time thus eliminating unnecessary energy wastage.

Features such as sensor based activation helps a lot in saving energy bill as the lights get on only when there is sign of user approaching and it goes off when the user leaves out the premises. These kind of advancements in lighting saves Energy bill, saves earth from pollution. Surely LED lamps are the game changer in the lighting industry.

Aaron Lights

We at Aaron Lights have the capacity to design innovative ways of street lights with different wattages, shapes, with the highest standards in the industry. We also provide lamp posts catering to any kind of user. All our street lights are made up of high-quality materials, such as the finest aluminium with superior die casting, other parts from topmost players in the industry, completely designed and assembled in our own factory with utmost quality standards. All our street lights come up with 2 years limited warranty.

Give us a call today at +91 95139 80017 to learn more about how your city can save money and increase safety with LED street lighting!


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