Role of IoT in Lighting

Smart lighting is the new way of lighting, gone are the day's everything was handled manually, LED lighting had opened up the huge opportunity for smart lighting and it has huge advantages over conventional ones, Let's discuss a little bit here.,



10/28/2021 4 min read

The era of Data & Personalization

We are in living in the era of "Data & Personilzation' this brings out a lot of innovations in every sphere of our life. Personalizations bring out a lot of benefits and usefulness in every activity of human life, ex. personalization of simple google search turns to be a fantastic feature, this not only helps marketers and other technologists. Right from food habits, health issues, everything is based on data and how the human race is handling that Data, So lighting is no exception to this.

Lighting goes way forward and it's beyond our imagination now. There are numerous advantages of 'Smart Lighting and let us see some of them here.

IoT in Lighting

With the help of IoT in lighting, it is possible to get numerous benefits at nominal cost and it's completely hassle-free.

There is a huge paradigm shift happening in the lighting industry thanks to LED and IoT

Things that were considered as impossible is happening now because of Smart Lighting

A huge amount of energy is saved by proper usage of Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Two words "Smart" & "Connected" are widely used now across all the verticals, smartwatches, smart car, smart homes, smart gadgets, etc., All these technologies had given unprecedented benefits and opportunities to the modern-day consumer.

The expectation of modern-day consumers is also changing rapidly and continuous innovations are happening in this regard.

Smart Lighting

In IoT, data transfer is happening between 'things" with the centralized system.

Smart Lighting plays an important role in modern-day building maintenance and operations. All the lightings are connected and covered with smart lighting solutions thus considerable amount is saved by proper utilization. For ex., unwanted usage of lighting is completely avoided using smart lighting, lights can be dimmed off when the user leaves the particular area.

Based on the atmospheric temperature lighting can be controlled, tasks such as switch on and switch off of street lights, other public lights such as lights in parks, public utility areas can be controlled and monitored from a centralized single location.

Smart lighting not only saves money but unwanted usage is also controlled by properly implementing Smart Lighting.

Advantages of Smart Lighting
Profile Personalization
Profile personalization

Smart lighting paves the way for profile personalization, for ex., lighting can be dimmed or increased based on individual choice. Some people prefer brighter colors and some people prefer cooler, based on individual choices lot of personalized profiles can be created. This can be useful in a home office setup, etc.,


Scheduling is the most important feature of "Smart Lighting" it avoids unnecessary usage of lighting, a considerable amount is saved due to this. When to "ON" and when to "OFF" can be easily configured, and it can be easily maintained to control all the lights from a single point of device.

User-based Control

There are a lot of applications that have this facility, this is a very useful feature, Consider the following scenario X wants to control the living room and home office but if you feel that X should not control the kitchen area or any other area then it's very easy to give access to only those areas which he or she is using.

Smart Lighting-Scheduling
Personalized-Control Smart Lighting
Usage behavior

Understanding of user behavior is a very important factor in smart lighting, based on the tracking of user behavior of individual lightings can be completely personalized

Not only in Home or Office IoT also plays a huge role in operating and maintenance of Street lights and public lighting systems. A considerable amount of energy is saved by the proper implementation of Smart Lighting in public lighting. While using conventional lightings such as sodium vapor lamp or mercury-vapor lamp it is very difficult to control these lights from a single point of the device based on usage and other external factors, sometimes the lights will burn even till the next day afternoon sheer nonsense both energy wasted and wastage of money. Thanks to Smart Lighting every street light can be controlled from a single point of the device, if there is no usage it can be switched off, dimmed, and a lot more customizations are possible with IoT.

We the people at Aaron Lights are working on Automation Solutions and plans are there to bring automation technology to all our lighting solutions. We will update you on interesting and futuristic solutions.


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IoT with smart lighting had dramatically changed the way we had thought about lighting in the past 10 years, IoT and "Smart lighting" are still in a nascent stage, coming years will witness a huge paradigm shift in lighting.